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Disneyland Dapper Day

So straying away from all the wedding content, I got to be a part of an AMAZING experience this past weekend and thought I would share.

I attended Dapper Day at Disneyland Park.

 photo 20130224_111756_zps0097762a.jpg

For those of you who don’t know what that is, its an non-Disney event that salutes to the good ol times when people used to dress up and come to the park . Dapper Day invited you to wear your vintage get up and stroll around all dressed up and fabulous! And boy do people go all out for this! I had such a blast looking at what everyone was wearing. The hats were fabulous, the bow ties were perfect, and even the little Dapper kids were adorable!!!! The cool thing was that it is not wrangled into a specific time period. I saw people dressed in every decade through the 1900′s and even Victorian (which was a little odd but beautiful nonetheless). What a day.

With short notice to find an outfit, I decided to just wear my good ol’ Target dress (although next time I really want to go for a more Jackie O/50′s Dior ad type look). Because my dress was a little played down, I practiced my hair! I think it came out quite nicely:

 photo 20130224_090054_zpsf7852bc5.jpg

Since I was there for a bachelorette/birthday celebration, I had a bunch of friends dress up with me.

 photo IMG_1958_zpsd0870eab.jpg

 photo 20130224_090949_zpsd72c6983.jpg

 photo 20130224_110440_zpsae576991.jpg

At 10am, they opened up a stand in the Grand Californian Hotel that sold very limited Dapper Day merchandise and handed out free buttons. We all made sure to stop by and pick one up…

From there we hit DCA and WOW I was amazed about how many people participated this year. Seeing everyone strolling Buena Vista Street in their vintage garb really was a site to see.

 photo 20130224_140129_zps58e4f51b.jpg

We even saw Walt himself make an appearance:

 photo 20130224_145929_zpsfe2447e7.jpg

Carthay Circle Lounge was packed, which was no surprise. It was THE place to be with its 1950′s decor and ambiance. It felt like living in an old movie when you walked in. Excellent!

 photo 20130224_125114_zpsc2e095a9.jpg

Disneyland Brides Spotting!!!
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Next over to Disneyland were Main Street looked AMAZING. Not as many Dapper dressed people over here, but it was still so fun too see everything. To me, it felt like I was there when the parks opened and it just gave you such a great sense of nostalgia! Almost made me wish I dressed like this all the time until I realized how much my feet hated me from wearing heels all day long.

Now I know they put on specific events in the Parks for people who participate. Going on the carousel is a huge one, as the line was wrapped around for this ride all day (something you never see).  There was a group photo at one point as well as some smaller get togethers (Mark Twain Mixer, Carthy Fountain picture, etc). I didn’t get all the details prior to going so we just went and enjoyed the atmosphere. Honestly, with the classier outfits brought a lot better manners in my opinion! People were so much more pleasant, and I really do account that to everyone getting in character and just owning their looks. It really just added to the wonderful ambiance to the day!

I cant wait for next years!

Here are some photos of others dressed up in the parks. I gotta tell you my favorites were Dappers themed to a Disney character! So creative.

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  1. Hope at Disneyland
    26 02 '2013 at 6:37 pm (417 days ago)

    Everyone looked great! I loved seeing all the girls and guys “dressed to the nines” this weekend. I had fun seeing you all and I’m glad we got to experience it together. The pictures of you, Katie and the bridal party are fantastic! You really got into the spirit and all those pictures look wonderful.


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